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Monday Newsflashes

It was a slow weekend but there were a few things....

Rugby is a lot more fun than basketball. They win. Check out GT Rugby here.

FSUncensored at Tomahawk Nation does it again and takes a look at the top recruits of the ACC. This entry is well worth the read.

Less than 10 days away. Here are the Top-10 Reasons we'll get to Omaha this year courtesy of Kevin Jacob. Friday can't get here soon enough!

Matt Wieters Update. Fans of the Baltimore Orioles love, or will soon love, Matt Wieters. All signs indicate that he will make his MLB debut before the All-Star break but he will probably start in the minor leagues. Here are some links that have popped up over the past few days.

A quick and short Spring Training Interview

Two blogs specifically talk about Matt and the value of his baseball cards for the upcoming year. Bad Wax and Porter's Prospect Report both give you their opinions. At one point I had a J.D. Drew card that was supposedly worth $120. The next month it dropped to 25 cents. JD Drew sucks.

If you play fantasy baseball, you my want to head over to Waiver Sharks, where they discuss Wieters vs. Pablo Sandoval and who you should draft as your catcher.

Finally, Matt discusses his flexible hips. Yeah you know you like it.