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Look on the bright side, the weather's nice

Woe is GT...blah blah blah. I understand that GT bball is struggling...maybe struggling is an understatement.

Personally, I am still following the bball games and particularly this coming weekend's game against State. I work with about 5 or 6 NC State grads that annoy the Hell outta me about anything and everything State. So this weekend is CRUCIAL.

Now I know Winfield is giving mad props to the upcoming baseball season but I gotta send a shoutout to one of my favorite sports at GT: softball. Reasons for enjoying softball games: 1) Women 2) Weather 3) Speed and tempo of the games 4) Great venue. You're probably all thinking, "This guy's a poser and has never been to a softball game." I'll call your bluff with Exhibit A:

That would be me in the white t-shirt in front of the front left fender of the Wreck (this would also be the last time I parked so close to the infield). I was not alone either. And this was not the only game I attended because I enjoyed the atmosphere. If I could recommend a game to attend, I'd obviously recommend Georgia games because both teams really turn it up against eachother (plus, Coach Perkins is undefeated against her alma mater). Some quick home schedule highlights, to me, are the following:

*March 14th - Kennessaw State (inner city rivalry)
*March 28th-29th - FSU series
*April 10th-11th - NC State series (Wolfpack fans show up to this series)
*April 25th-26th - UNC series

Those are some weekend series that'll let you get out and enjoy the Spring time weather in ATL and the brand new Softball stadium.

Are you boggled by passion for the non-rev sports? Are you jaded because you were on the swimming team and I didn't mention you by name? Discussion is also welcome to anyone who is ready for the weather to stay nice.