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Good news and VT sucks

So here's some really good news for Fball and baseball fans. Jerrard Tarrant was reinstated today after all charges were dropped against him. I still don't understand how there was ever a case against him. The charges were pretty weird. Also good news of note, Marx Teixeira set up an endowment for a baseball scholarship. It never hurts to have alumni giving back. The story actually inspired me to buy my season ticket about 10 minutes ago...well I actually bought it before I read the story but the story made me even more proud to be a Yellow Jacket.

Cheers to a possible GT Victory Tonight!

Question: What happens when you drive slowly through Blacksburg?
Answer: You get a degree.

Question: Why doesn't the Hokie basketball team have ice in their coolers?
Answer: The guy with the recipe graduated.

To Hell with VT! Give 'em Hell GA Tech!