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Dude, that game sucked

I came to work and saw gray smoke coming from one of our stacks. "That's not normal," I said to myself. It was a poor mixture of diesel, oxygen, and GT bball fan tears burning in one of our steam boilers. In a semi-depressed state, I contacted Utilities and told 'em to pump more O2 into the boilers.

All I said to my buddy this morning in reflection of last night's loss in Tallahassee was, "Dude, that game sucked." To which he affirmed.

GT has been outscored 587 to 545 in ACC play (-5 ppg margin). We've lost four games by two possessions or less out of the seven ACC losses. If we lock down our turnovers and get maybe 2-3 more clean shots a game, we're talking about more W's on the board. But that's a huge "IF" this season, eh? If only we could pump more oxygen into the GT bball team and things would clear up. It's a sad state right now. I'm ever optimistic about our sports because I'm a positive-thinking realist. College athletics to me is about being happy when things are good and not being down when things are rough. We'll see though.

Discussion is welcome on FSU-GT game. Discussion is also welcome on any other item of GT-ness.