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The Chanimal still coaches

Despite the economic downturn and nationwide layoffs, Chan Gailey still has a job as a football coach. I don't know what to say about this. Chan was in over his head as a college head coach. He wasn't dynamic enough to deal with college kids developing over 4 years. His adjustments were after a year or two rather than after the first half. I remember him having great game plans for certain opponents ('03/'05 Auburn, '05 Miami) but having a complete inability to react on the fly in game (ala '03 Duke, '04 UNC, '06 wake).

I guess the Chiefs see the grandfatherly gentleman that charmed Dave Braine. The Chiefs are looking for someone to raise Brodie Croyle as a "great kid" that can "compartmentalize."

No one's talked about Chan for two years. Thoughts are welcome.