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A 'Boro Series Split and Thursday News Musings

The Yellow Jackets righted the ship yesterday. Starter Kevin Jacob and (my favorite) freshman Matt Skole continued to make his presence felt as he drove in 3 runs on the night. Here's the GSU perspective. For the weekend Skole went 3-8 with 4 RBI's. On the season Matt is hitting .400 (2nd highest on the team). What can I say? He's a badass. And he's younger than me . Dammit.

The President has arrived! President George "Bud" Peterson has arrive on campus and met the Ramblin' Reck yesterday. He was quickly informed of the fact that there has been one and only one Ramblin' Reck to which he seemed pleased. He also received his own personal copy of the T-Book.


Yes, the season is still going. Terrence Moore writes the stereotypical article saying something along the lines of Hewitt isn't finished yet or whatnot. However, I find this quote that I find quite poignant.

Which brings us to the final reason for that light. Added Hewitt, "I’ve recruited more now this year than I ever have during the season. You’re trying to offset the possibility of this ever happening again."

Well where the hell have you been Paul?! Bobby Cremins once said that his biggest mistake was NOT preparing for Stephon Marbury leaving early and how he TOLD YOU THAT. Did you not learn from that past?

We'll end this on a good note. Larry Harstein has a Q&A with Morgan Burnett here. Enjoy it.