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Beesball on the horizon

It is now T-9 days and counting until we hear the first official *ping* of the season. The anticipation continues to build as you hear the noise and see the team practicing as you have to trudge to class. (Why can't I be that good?). It will be nice to be the favorite in a sporting event again. Basketball is leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

We open the season where we left it, playing Lipscomb University, a team that we faced in the Athens Regional of the NCAA Tournament last June. The Bison proved to be a scrappy bunch as they beat the Mutts in the first round, but their lack of depth proved to be too much for them by the end of the weekend.

Let's look at some important games on the schedule:

2/20-2/22: vs. Lipscomb: Opening Weekend! That means when the sun goes down, it's gonna be cold.

2/24-2/25, 4/7-4/8: vs. Georgia Southern: I hate losing to any in-state school in baseball.

3/24: vs. Georgia State: Same as above

3/25,4/14, and 5/12: vs. Georgie: Same as above + We really really hate Georgie. Piss on 'Em!

3/27-3/29: @ Miami: Stick it to Jim Morris plus Miami is one of the teams we must beat to take the conference.

4/03-4/05: vs UNC: Back-to-back must win weekends. This series being in Atlanta could make the difference.

4/24-4/26: @ Clemson: Not only is it finals week, it's also a fantastic roadtrip weekend. Plus, this series is always heated.

5/08-5/09: vs. Florida State: Home Series. This is incredibly important. Close to the end of the season. Huge Series. Selection Committee watching. Florida State baseball. Enough said.

Looking forward, these series are the most crucial in the season. The early, non-conference games, mainly for pride, but nonetheless, important. To be the big dog, we gotta beat the big dogs and lately Miami, Florida State, and UNC have proven themselves.