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5 reasons you should care about ...

It's almost football season!

Ok, no, it's really far away, but you can go ahead and start deciding how next season is going to turn out. Yes, even you can have my extraordinary predictive abilities, becoming a seer of all things college football. And I am here to give you the resources you need to do so. So begins our exploration of our enemies' recently finalized recruiting business, starting with the North Carolina Tar heels.

The top 5 reasons you should care about UNC's recruiting activities:

1. Because they made us look really, really bad last year. Duh. We turned the ball over 3 times within 40 yards of their goal line. They didn't need the help, but with those kinds of gifts, they couldnt help but beat us. Badly. Sigh...

2. Hakeem Nicks didn't leave. In fact, he just changed his name. That's what UNC fans seem to think, at least, of Jheranie Boyd. Highlight reels are always strange, because great high school players often way outclass their opponents, but this kid actually may be the real deal.

3. Butch Davis will cut a bitch.

4. Donte Moss is a scary, scary man. I have a hard time reading ESPN's writeups of recruits, because even decent college coaching is far superior to any high school coaching. This kid has all the tools to become a man-beast.

5. Bryn Renner - Despite having a stupid name and herp on the face, he is expected to be a serious QB threat. You know, the kind that generally destroy our secondary (see Fatford to Massaquoi, 11/29/08).

Next up, we are going to look at a team we beat AND WE HAVE 9 CHOICES FOR THAT HAHAHAHA THANK YOU PAUL JOHNSON.

Oh yeah, To Hell With georgia!