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5 + 5 reasons you should care about VT recruiting

I'm seriously strapped for time this week. So, I put on my Rachel Ray hat and tried to think of something fun and quick and marginally palatable. Furrer4heisman over at Gobbler Country was kind enough to make my rather crappy idea worth a few laughs.

He agreed to do a little word association over Google Talk. I would try to explain what I was thinking when I made the list of words, but screw it, it's funnier just to read the conversation.

me: what's up man drankin. what are you up to
me: watching king of the hill
want to help me write a post
in 15 lines
word association king of the hill is a lot funnier once youve lived in texas.
sure. what do you need.
me: alright
i say a word
you say the first thing that comes to your mind
warm up round lets do this
me: apples oranges
me: zz top beard
me: coke zero mixer
me: couch potatoe
me: longhorns faggots
me: well that was pretty good
alright, the rest is about VT's recruiting/current affairs/etc
ready? haha. lets do it.
me: recruiting boring
me: guy you don't want to meet in a dark alley boone
me: competition cornerback
me: tyrod taylor b.a.m.f.
me: tight end booooooooooooooooooone
me: dark horse dillard
me: passing game bourbon
me: beamerball dying?
me: nfl what the fuck is the nfl?
me: championship tis possible
me: alright
you won i won?
me: give yourself another drink kickass.
i believe i will

There you have it, folks. All the Yellow Jacket fan needs to know about what the Hokie's are up to. Be sure to check out Gobbler Country and leave a nice happy comment. We are used to disappointing losses in basketball, but Furrer4heisman may need a little cheering up after last night.