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2009 Yellow Jacket football schedule is out

My life is officially scheduled for 2009.

Sept. 5 vs. Jacksonville State
Sept. 10 vs. Clemson (ESPN)
Sept. 17 @ Miami (ESPN)
Sept. 26 vs. North Carolina
Oct. 3 @ Mississippi State
Oct. 10 @ Florida State
Oct. 17 vs. Virginia Tech
Oct. 24 @ Virginia
Oct. 31 @ Vanderbilt
Nov. 7 vs. Wake Forest
Nov. 14 @ Duke
Nov. 28 vs. Georgia

I don't give a damn if the Miami game is on a Thursday... I'm still going to make it.

Edit: I kind of wrinkled my nose at the idea of not playing Clemson closer to mid-season, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. We get a nice warm up game, then hit the ground running by playing people we love to hate and hate to love.

I just realized that October is going to be the least productive month of my life. Totally worth it.

Click here to see the rest of the ACC schedules.

Edit: Winfield already mentioned this in the comments, but Halloween shall be spent in Nashville. Oh yeah.

Who else is down for road trippin'?