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The Yellow Jacket in the Big Game

Bird's having some computer issues on his end so I published his entry for him.....

We all know about the Whiz leading the Cardinals but who else is reppin' the I in the Big Game this weekend?

Old Key Fox plays for the Steelers. #54. Drafted in 2004 as the 93rd overall pick to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Fox was part of the most ridiculous LB tandem, I feel, since maybe the Black Watch. Keyaron Fox and Daryl Smith were basically an unstoppable force in '03. Smith and Fox combined for 284 tackles (143 solo), 35 tackles for loss, and 7.5 sacks. That's pretty ridiculous. They basically played 2 on 11 the entire game. We had a patchwork defensive line that had undersized Gerris Wilkinson playing DE (he would also become a great LB) and a really young secondary.

Favorite Memory: Key Fox sacked Joel Statham in the 2003 Maryland game that led to a fumble, which was returned by Jonathan Cox all the way to the MD red zone. We scored a TD with about 14 minutes left in the 4th quarter and won the game 7-3... Probably the most boring game ever but it somehow includes the most vivid and exciting play of my entire GT fandom.

Super Bowl pick or thoughts on the big game? Steelers favored at -7. I'd take that line if I bet on sports.