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Women's Hoops & Men's Pep Talk

Congrats to the women. GT defeated #2 North Carolina last night. In women's hoops, there always seems to be 3-5 unstoppable teams that meet in the Final Four every year: Duke, UConn, UNC, Tennessee, etc.. Seeing Tech defeat one of those elite programs is definitely a HUGE accomplishment. Tech is 14-4 overall and 2-2 conference going into Sunday's game against Duke.

Men's bball, on the other hand, is playing for pride now. We've gotta take care of Clemson for all the GT grads living in the Palmetto State. Clemson is reeling and GT is in desparate need of a W. I wanna see Tech go into Little John and punch Clemson in the throat. I do not like Clemson. I put them behind FSU and ahead of Duke on my severe dislike list. So let's kick some SC upstate ass. Please.

Open discussion on hoops programs is welcome.