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Why Felton was fired and Hewitt will not be

Why Felton was fired:

1. Felton was fired because of an overall losing record at Georgia.
2. His team has done jack in the tournament.
3. His contract was only worth ~1.6 million - chump change to Georgia's AA.
4. Felton lost Favors, his last chance, to Tech.
5. Georgia is delusional.

Why Hewitt will not be fired:

1. 2004 Final Four still demands respect.
2. His team has had unexpected attrition particularly at guard.
3. He still has about ~2.5 million dollars to make from Tech.
4. Derrick Favors.
5. Tech is generally more patient and reserved when hiring/firing coaches.

I'm hoping for a turnaround still. Call me optimistic. Any thoughts on the Felton firing besides slight joy in Georgia's program falling into greater disarray?