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How do we explain Ken Whisenhunt's Cardinals? I only really have one explanation: engineering background. Whisenhunt was a Civil Engineering major who graduated from Tech in 1985. He actually finished his career at Tech, as a tight end, with the secondmost receiving yards in school history and fourthmost receptions (he's currently 16th in receptions and 14th in yardage).

Whisenhunt quarterbacked one game for Tech in 1980 against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He stepped in as the starter Mike Kelley and his backup were both injured in game. Whisenhunt attempted one pass and was sacked before he got to pass. The game ended in a tie 3-3 and derailed Notre Dame's quest for an MNC. Sadly, it also allowed ugag to vault to #1 in the polls and an eventual title.

I will slightly pull for the Cardinals as Whisenhunt reps the I but will not forget the loss incurred by the Falcons to his posse. I guess the irony is that Whisenhunt designed the offense that took the Steelers to their lone Cowher Super Bowl win and now he's coaching against that same offense in his first attempt at a Lombardi Trophy.

Any thoughts on NFL playoffs or GT alum involved in playoffs?