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To Hell With Georgia - 67 to 62

Source - Pouya Dianat -
Bird's Perspective:

I watched from SC on FSN. I found the first half to be disorganized and sloppy. I thought the second half was inspired and aggressive, which is why we won. We pressed the uga bastards when their lack of depth hurt 'em and it showed. Major props to Zach Peacock. Easily the player of the game. Play of the game was Lewis Clinch recovering the loose ball at the end. And I wish I could've listened to Wes Durham calling the game instead I got two FSN turds that kept talking about ugag's run to the SEC title in our house last year...BAH.

Winfield's Perspective:

I watched the game from the top of the AMC. The first half of the game sucked total balls. The total definition of a cripple fight. The 2nd half was our turning point (hopefully for the season as well). We came together as a team and worked the mutts into the pitifulness that they are. Bird is right when he says Peacock gets player of the game, but I will also send a shout out to Gani Lawal. Brought the pain in the 2nd half! And the best thing? Derrick Favors was in the building and was seen slapping hands with GT players at the end! To Hell with Georgia!

What are your thoughts on last night's game?