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Teixeira and Braves news

I'm sorry but I've got to post my thoughts about baseball despite it being ~40 days away. Teixeira goes to the Yankees. ATL Braves legend Smoltz to the Red Sox. I understand that people want money but geez Louise. I don't want Smoltz to pull a Brett Favre. I grew up 37 miles from Fulton County. I've attended at least 100 Braves' games in my life. I've always had a strong dispassion for the Twins, Kirby Puckett, the Phillies, John Kruk, and the Expos. The Expos mostly because they should've technically ended the Braves consecutive pennants but the Strike saved us. The Yankees/Red Sox fall into a special category in my dislike list.

Smoltz and Teixeira are basically going to the two biggest douchebag fanbases ever. They'll get mad hate for every little mistake they make because of their hype. Oh well. It's business. I hate to say it but I'd do the same. I hope Smoltz wins a ring and it'll be hard to root against him if the Braves interleague against the Red Sox. Teixeira...and the Evil Empire? Damnit.

Any thoughts on recent MLB transactions involving your local club or GT alums? Feel free to comment.