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Ted Roof hired as DC at AU

First off, here's a quick history lesson on GT football lore. From 1984-1985, Bill Curry used a reward system to motivate his defensive players. Players that performed well on the field were awarded black stripes for their helmets and black GT stickers for the side of their helmets. Ted Roof, Pat Swilling, and Joe Harris were three of the prominent D players during this period.

Ted Roof was hired as the DC for Auburn a couple days ago. I hope Roof does well but I don't know if he will. I remember his defenses sucking pretty bad. Games that come to mind are the Woody Dantzler game and ugag in 1999.

So let's look at a breakdown of Roof's DC history:

1) Roof was a coach at Tech from '98-'01. He coached linebackers until being promoted to DC in '99.
2) He was DC at Duke from '02-'03 until Carl Franks got fired and Roof's first game as interim HC ended Duke's ACC record consecutive losses against Tech.
2) Roof HCed Duke from middle of '03 to '07 and got fired at the end of the '07 season.
3) Roof had a short stint at Louisville, then found a DC position at Minnesota last season.

Roof's Defenses:
1) '99-'01 GT gave up 23.8 ppg (26.7 in conference)
2) '02-'03 Duke gave up 29.0 ppg (32.4 in conference)
3) '08 UM gave up 24.8 ppg (26.3 in conference)

For reference GT has given up an average of 20 ppg since Roof's departure. Auburn since '05 has averaged giving up an amazing 16 ppg under three different DC's (Gibbs, Muschamp, and Rhoads).

So do I think Roof will improve upon this number...No. Do I hope he succeeds? Yes, unless they play GT.

Any thoughts on Auburn's hire are welcome.