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News Musings: Recruiting and Basketball Toughness


Coley Harvey looks back on where our recruiting stood last year with CPJ. HECTICISM! It's much more peaceful this year...

Speaking of recruiting, we know this by now but Stephen Hill told UGA to go screw themselves when they offered him as he is still coming to The Flats.

Big Recruiting Signing Day is February 4th. You can come to the AA and watch the faxes come in with LOI's and/or you can come on down to Atlantic Station later that night for the Recruit Celebration. Here's the schedule for that:

Pre-Program Activity:

  1. Coach Johnson press conference begins at 5:00pm for media only.
  2. Ticket Office personnel arrives at 5:00pm to set up.
  3. Wreck will park in front of TWELVE Hotel Ballroom 5:15pm-6:30pm
  4. Pep Band will arrive at 5:15pm and play from 5:30pm to 6pm
  5. GT Gold Rush Dance Team and Buzz will arrive at 5:15pm.
  6. Doors open to public at 5:30pm.
  7. 5 GT Gold Rush Dance Team and Buzz will greet patrons coming into TWELVE Hotel Ballroom foyer
  8. 5 GT Gold Rush Dance Team will roam through crowd and sign photo card autographs
  9. Buzz will greet patrons and interact with GT fans in attendance
  10. Fans will partake of appetizers and cash bar.

Program begins at 6:00pm:

6:00 - 6:02pm Wes Durham will welcome fans to Celebration then introduce Coach Johnson, seated on stage

6:02pm - 6:10pm Coach Johnson addresses crowd from podium, then introduces all Assistant Coaches (seated on the stage behind the podium). Coach Johnson/Giff Smith to comment on the new recruits.

6:10pm -6:45pm Coach briefly discusses each signee; 45 second highlight video is played.

6:45 – 6:47pm Wes Durham recaps the evening then dismisses the crowd until the Spring Game weekend, April 18th.

Basketball Toughness:

Are we weak? Do we lack mental poise? Who knows, no one can explain it. But it's there though. The problem is known, let's find an answer...please? It's interesting how Hewitt says Nick Foreman has the "tenacity" compared to everyone else. Why is that? It's because he's a walk-on always fighting for his job. That's why.