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News and notes

Well, we dropped a big one at Littlejohn. I think Mike Gminski said it best when he said, "Georgia Tech has been a revolving door for point guards as of late, much like the end of Bobby Cremins' tenure." Our forwards are really good but you can't do jack with good forwards if you've got guards that can't get the ball across the half court line. Clemson's press should've been what CPH wanted in that his guys could run up and down the court all game. I was always under the impression that our offense favored the transition game. I don't know anymore. I'm still hopeful that we can pull a barely .500 season but it's a tough road. Damn, it's a tough road.

Also, a certain Ball is back in the news. Not Reggie but his little bro Marcus. Apparently, Marcus is interested in going back down to Florida to play for the Gators. Good luck to the Gators.

I personally never hated on Reggie. I never understood why everyone just loved to dog him so much. In retrospect, I think Chan and Pat Nix deserved way more heat for Reggie's performance and negative college experience. I think he's probably the only Division I-A QB that did not have a good time in all of college football history. Guys like Drew Stanton, Drew Tate, or Brad Smith all started the majority of four years with equal to or greater inconsistency and never got near the mad hate that Reggie got (locally or nationally). So goes life.

Any thoughts on Clemson L or the Ball brothers? Feel free to comment.