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Monday morning review - the Terpacle

Damn you Maryland. 28 turnovers. We host the Dukies on Wednesday. That should be an interesting little danceoff. If we can play the whole game like we did against uga and the FANS COME TO THE GAME, then we'll have a shot. I mean come on, I live 250 miles away. I'd go to every game if I could. Attendance and wins/losses are slightly related.

If we win, people show up. On the other hand, if you show up, then the opponent plays worse. So either way people coming to games = good. The term "home-field advantage" is not just some made up word from Imagination Land.

I'm particularly interested in following the return of Mo Miller. AJC reports he's playing with a face mask in practice now. We need more guards to open up the floor for Lewis and our other three-ballers.

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