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Metric ton of debacle

Wow. We got beat down. What do we gain from this loss? Probably not very much. We didn't get to see any backup time. We regressed offensively. We played the same defensively that allowed our last 4 opponents to rack up 30 points per game. However, we didn't really lose anything. A lot of people say we lost momentum, pride, respect, and whatnot but I don't really feel too bad about the game. Bowl games, to me, mean about as much as an exhibition basketball game or spring scrimmage. I like to win and don't mind losing bowls...unless it's for an MNC.

Maybe everyone's pissed because we all shelled out a little dough to see the game. I picked up some tickets for the 'rents, myself, and little bro to the tune of 270 cold ones. I generally had a good bowl experience but we ended up leaving earlier than I've ever left a Tech game.

I left because we fired a coach who "did not "motivate his team" or "prepare his team for big opponents" yet on that GA Dome field, I saw a team that was not prepared to play LSU and lacked any real motivation. Sorry to be a negative nancy but did we win a big game this year? Or did Chan's talent win 9 games by default? VT win would've sealed coastal. Came out flat against UNC. Dropped big egg against a terrible UVA team albeit they were hot at the time. And LSU destroyed us. The only big games were losses. We won the two games that went beyond the football field (ugag/FSU) but couldn't win the ones that we needed on the field (coastal games). We'll see next year, eh?

Any thoughts on this rant? Feel free to roast me.