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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Over the weekend things get a little slow around here so you may have forgotten that we blew yet another big lead against NC State on Saturday. But it's ok! We still got Derrick Favors! Woo F'ing Hoo!

Tonight, Boston College comes to town and you can almost say they are having a worse season than us right now as they had the beat down UNC and then promptly lose to Harvard and go on a 4 game losing streak. At least we don't have a marquee win to look at and wonder where we went wrong afterwards.....A win today would be fantastic because up next on the schedule are back-to-back games against Clemson (in Clemson) and at home against now #1 Wake Forest

Speaking of the cripple fight tonight, the guys at BC Interruption gave us "5 Good Minutes" to discuss tonight's game. Here's the link.

Positive Basketball Note! There is a "very good chance" D'Andre Bell will be back for next year. From all of us here at The Legacyx4, we wish you a quick and safe recovery De'Andre. Bell is on track to graduate in May but could potentially pursue a dual degree or an MBA. Representing the student in student-athlete.

The Week Ahead
  • 1/20: Men's Basketball vs. Boston College
  • 1/21: Women's Basketball vs. UNC
  • 1/25: Men's Basketball @ Clemson
  • 1/25: Women's Basketball vs. Duke

Finally, what is the one element that will help us win tonight's game? Post below!