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Wonderful, 790 the Zone is back for more GT sports action... Personally, I only really care for the 2 Live Stews 'cause they'll rep GT pretty good on the show. I know a lot of GT fans don't care for them but I think Ryan Stewart really is one of the best critics/fans of GT sports on the radio.

Personally, I've met with D-Rad a few times and I've always enjoyed his enthusiasm and business approach to our athletic department. I feel like everything in the GTAA has a shine to it that it didn't have under Braine. There's a completely different approach - a hand's on approach - to every aspect of athletics and it's appreciated by this GT fan.

Concerning the media deal, I guess we're doing the best we can with what we got, right? I'd like to assume there's a reason ISP has 62 other schools under its umbrella. I normally would've complained about the lack of GT radio coverage in SC but I've got the Sirius now so that issue is resolved.

Any thoughts on 790 the Bone? Do you hate/love the 2 Live Stews? How 'bout David Pollack on our flagship?