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GT Basketball: WTF?

Well football season was quite a ride and as many of you can attest, quite a lot of our emphasis was on the sport. We are now full into basketball season (*cough 45 days until baseball season *cough).

So, where do we stand as a basketball team 13 games into the season? Not on very solid ground that's where. Actually, we're sinking fast. Honestly, the worse thing to happen to Paul Hewitt was Paul Johnson coming to the Flats and bringing respectability to the football program. The fanbase now takes its frustration towards mediocrity and focuses it on basketball. That's where we are. We are a mediocre basketball team. Nothing more.

In watching the Alabama thrashing yesterday, I saw sloppy play mixed with a dash of laziness. Bad decisions ran the game. Hewitt can clearly recruit, but the product on the court is getting to be sad, very sad indeed. We are not calling for Hewitt's head (yet). I fully expect him to have at least one more year here at Tech because of the potential of the incoming recruiting class. But can he take the potential we have at Tech and develop the championship caliber team that we expect, yes EXPECT, to play at Alexander Memorial Coliseum? Really only time can tell but the ice is getting thin for Paul Hewitt.

Now on Tuesday we play the University [sic] of Georgia. It will be a cripple fight for pride honestly as neither team has shown really any type of quality on the court. But it is a win against a rival, a rival that we desperately need to beat on our home court. Tomorrow, let's hit some free throws and turn this damn season around.