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Biggest Fear Confirmed.

The bad omens began at 10 AM Wednesday morning......

The LSU Tigers had approximately a month to prepare for our offense and it showed. My biggest fear was that the team was not at the level where we still hold an advantage when there are multiple weeks before the game. This season we still relied on the element of surprise and unpreparedness to overtake our opponents. LSU looked ridiculously good Wednesday night and finally resembled a defending national champion.

Going into the bowl season, we were the darlings and the pride the ACC. Now with the conference's year completed, we also have the responsbility of owning the worst loss of the bowl games. We were embarrassed.

What does this do to the season? It doesn't necessarily take anything away from this one. But next year....the hype that everyone was expecting us to ride is been taken out from under us. Paul Johnson's reputation? Well it took a hit, a big one. We were all humbled last night in a multitude of ways.

Let the countdown begin for next year...