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Back to Reality

We are all excited about the one year future of Georgia Tech basketball here in the Dirty-Dirty. But alas, we did play a game last night. Well, maybe 1 half of basketball. Duke had a miserable offensive game last night. We even had them beat out in 3-point percentages. But when it comes down to it, Duke is so technically sound, even when they have a bad day, you still lose by 14. Look at these key numbers:

Free-Throw Shooting (Dear God)
Duke: 16/27 (.593)
GT: 7/19 (.368)

Duke: 8
GT: 18

The first half the crowd, was rockin' but I have seen it before against Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, etc. A rockin' first half where we have the lead or keep it close, only to completely run out of gas in the 2nd half. We looked like we out-hustled but we actually just out-energized because of inefficiency. Duke is just the better team and knows how to grind it out and get it done. No matter how much we hate Duke, we could learn a lot from that squad.

Derrick Favors plays on ESPN2 @ 9PM EST if you wanna see the man in action.