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ACC coach departs and Tostitos Bowl

Well, crap. I can't believe BC got rid of ol' Jags. He was a damn good coach. I'm happy that he's gone for [any future possible matchups] but I'm sad for the ACC's coaching ranks. Looking at his background though indicated he was looking NFL all along. I can't remember the sportscaster that said this verbage but basically every coach wants to prove that their system works at the highest level. Coaching's a competition like the game of football itself. Coaches want to prove to everyone that they're the best. Transitioning from college to pros for coaches is a method of ego stroking but also self affirmation.

I watched a little of the Tostitos Bowl last night with a group of Ohionions. Enjoyable? No. ugag fans of the North. Period. How can people that went to Bowling Green, Toledo, Cincinatti, etc. all root for some random bean mascot more than their alma maters? I always ask, "Who do you root for when Ohio State is kicking the crap out of your college?" Answered with, "GO BUCKEYES!" Weird. I'm a different kind of fan than a lot of the "born and raised." My family had no Tech affiliation. I chose Tech because I liked the school's rep and then fell in love with the sports. So goes life. Everyone's different. Gotta appreciate the different types of fans. If all our fans were the same, we'd be ugag fans.

Thoughts on the Fiesta Bowl and Boston College are welcome. Or thoughts on the your favorite Tostitos/Doritos/corn chips are welcome, too. Got a favorite bird of prey?