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UIC 66 GT 60

The UIC Flames continue to be a thorn in our side no matter the quality of either team. In a rather empty Alexander Memorial Coliseum, our Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets lost another close one. The time came for Mo Miller to close a 3-point gap down to 1 at the free throw line and he just couldn't hit a shot. We didn't come within 1 point again.

The Flames shot 28% from the 3-point line and it seemed as if we defended the perimeter much better. Unfortunately, the UIC's big man Scott VanderMeer, had his way on the inside, scoring a game high 17 points.

Lowlights: From my view, we struggle with a complete defense. If we defend the 3, we allow the 2. If we defend the inside, we open up the perimeter. Free-throw shooting is absymal. When we need clutch free-throws (see also Mercer) we can't seem to hit get them.

Positives: Once again, flashes of brilliance are shown in Gani and Iman. We just can't seem to catch those flashes and harness it into something cohesive. Nick Foreman is becoming a fairly solid asset for us. A walk-on, Foreman is showing hustle, grit and determination. Every game I watch him play, there improvement and I am impressed. Lewis Clinch should be back on Wednesday as long as he passes all classes which are released on Tuesday

In the end, we have good individuals. Maybe even some good duos, but we don't seem to have the solid team that we need to make that run that is so desperately needed. The potential is there, but the results not so much.

Upcoming Games this Week:
12/17: vs. Georgia State
12/20: @ Pepperdine
12/22: @ USC