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Triple Option 101

This is for the LSU fans who aren't totally accustomed to Tech's version of the Triple Option. Let's start with basic terminology:

A-back - This is our slotback in the basic Paul Johnson formation. Starters are Roddy Jones and Lucas Cox. Typically, this position is played by a smaller back with able hands and good speed. Cox is an atypical A-back. He found his way into this position however because he plays hard every play and is an excellent blocker.

B-back - This is our fullback in the basic Paul Johnson formation. The starter is Jon Dwyer. Typically, this position is a big bruising back that carries a bulk of the load.

Here's our basic formation:

The basic Tech Triple Option involves one of the A-backs motioning presnap into the backfield creating an "I-formation" and right as the I is dotted, the ball is snapped. The QB reads the defensive end on the play side and determines if the end is crashing in to take the B-back or dropping off to cover the option. If the DE crashes, then the QB keeps the football and runs around the blocking A-back with the motioned A-back trailing as a pitch man. The QB then makes a second in play read on whether or not to pitch or keep. Thus, the Triple Option. Option 1 - Nesbitt hands to Dwyer. Option 2 - Nesbitt keeps the football. Option 3 - Nesbitt pitches to Roddy or Cox.

For information straight from the horse's mouth watch this video.