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Thursday News and Links

Every now and then we do a blog search to see what the blogosphere is talking about regarding the Yellow Jackets. Here is what people are talking about:


Paul Johnson: 2nd highest paid coach in the ACC. $17.7 million for 7 years. BOOM!

Coley Harvey continues to dish out the love to Cord Howard and talks about how he has stepped up in Andrew Gardner’s place.
Sidenote: I really do enjoy reading Coley Harvey. I suggest all of you do the same.

The ACC Sports Journal takes our pulse. Well more like they interview the guy who publishes, Jonathan Leifheit. The responses fit what a typical Georgia Tech fan would sound like at this point in their life would sound like: excited but wary of being too overconfident AKA cautious.

Issue with VT blog "TechSuperfans" 1. Spell Ramblin’ Reck correctly (Wramblin Wreck, seriously WTF?) 2. "Uphill battle against LSU" Pfft. FAIL.
Please speak of what you know next time.

Some of you may not realize the history that Tech and LSU have together on the football field from back in the day. Here’s some information on that.

Lewis Clinch is back! And boy did he perform! Coley Harvey discusses here.
Larry Harstein (AJC) talks about it here.

The Nick Foreman Walk-on love continues. This time it’s the ACC Sports Journal.


The current bowl system sucks and is outdated. In fact, it’s a "boondoggle". I don’t really understand that specific metaphor but whatever.