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LSU Quick Look & All-ACC Blog Awards

So here’s a quick look at our Chick-fil-A bowl opponent, the LSU Tigers.

Key Stats:

Signature Wins: South Carolina
Wins against bowl teams: 2; South Carolina (Outback) and Troy (New Orleans)

They may be the defending national champions but they are very average and extremely beatable.

The Legacyx4's All-ACC Blog Award Nominations

And now we move on to the inaugural All-ACC blog awards. Gobbler Country headed these up. Below is our ballot. If you have any Bitches, Gripes & Suggestions put them in the comment box. Here is how the voting is scored: 3 pts. for a 1st place vote, 2 pts. for a 2nd place vote, and 1 pt. for a 3rd place vote.

ACC Offensive POY

1. Jon Dwyer
--call me a homer but you know it's true. So does the media and the coaches
2. Russel Wilson
--Yeah, he was good
3. Thaddeus Lewis
--Without him, Duke would have been even worse. And if they had him, they would have beaten VT.

ACC Defensive POTY

1. Trimane Goddard
--Slightly better than Burnette
2. Morgan Burnette
--sick nasty!
3. Everette Brown
--12 sacks. 'nuff said.

ACC Offensive ROTY

1. Russell Wilson
-- he led his team's turnaround
2. Roddy Jones
3. Darren Evans
--stuck it to us at VT.

ACC Defensive ROTY

1. Brandon Maye
2. abstain
3. abstain


1. Paul Johnson
-he's going to win National Coach of the Year. Plus, you know it's true
2. Jeff Jagodzinski
-No one thought BC would get where they ended up this year.
3. Frank Beamer
--You can credit Bud Foster on this one as well. They deserve a round of applause for this year's team.