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Pete Carroll is awesome, dissenters invited to screw themselves

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I have been made fun of for liking Pete Carroll as much as I do. Ok, ok, I may have facebook friended him the instant I found out he was actually on facebook. I may be a sucker for ultra-positivity (as long as it isn't like the

son of a bitch, I'm home for the holidays for 12 hours, and my cat welcomes me home by throwing up a giant pile of catfood right next to me while I'm typing, that smells awful

girl from the Progressive insurance commercials).

Yes I think he dresses impeccably, and he is basically who I want to turn into when I grow up. Make fun of me all you want.

Now, watch this, and go eat a dick. Pete Carroll is awesome, and you are just stupid if you think otherwise.

Now I have to go clean up cat throw up, because there is no way I can pretend I didn't see this until my mom gets home.