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The Monday After...Links!

Oh yes.

It has been stenciled in the mirror since the day Paul Johnson came on campus: "Beat Georgia". After this weekend, we can all look back and proudly say "Accomplished."

Remember earlier in the season? We were dubbed a team with a "high school offense" and that we would not succeed in the BCS conferences with our offense. Well you who criticize before you know what you’re talking about….go suck it! Two days after our own drought has ended, I’m not sure if the feeling has completely set in yet. We beat the preseason national champions. We beat St. Richt and we beat the Bulldogs while Stafford arguably had one of his best games of his career. Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech are here to stay and our presence has been felt. Here’s what’s floating around the internet after the jubilee Saturday afternoon.

The Georgia Sports Blog is depressed. hahahaha!

The AJC writers have faced reality: We are better than the Bulldogs.

Jeff Shulz says we’re a rivalry again.

Furman Bisher writes, in his old prose-style way, how that game means more than a trip to Tampa. And for this year, yes, I have to agree.

Sports Illustrated, yes the publication that predicted us to win 3 games, gives Paul Johnson praise

The Chattanooga Times-Free Press jumps on the bandwagon as well. The love is overflowing for Paul Johnson

Paul Newberry, a national AP writer, discusses the expectation levels set for GT and UGAg and how both teams met (or failed to meet) those levels.

The Macon Telegraph’s Coley Harvey writes his own article about our victory in the Cesspool.

I love these quotes:
Rennie Curran, UGA linebacker, "We were well-coached"
Josh Nesbitt: "They had no idea what we were going to do."

It’s great to be a Yellow Jacket!