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Looking Back

We are brilliant, so far.

Read this post, it's like we were looking into the future, and all it took was a brown paper bag and dollar store spraypaint.

BC/VT in the ACC Championship game (as we stated would happen in an early roundup, whilst others scoffed at the idea of Wake not going), and we called the rest of the OOC games (November 6th, another roundup).

BC beating VT was called. BC beating VT happened.

Also, Miami being scary against VT was called, and then it happened.

All hail Dane. Winfield can demand his own praise, even though I was the brains behind it.

(Winfield's Note: Whatever man. A team effort is a team effort. Besides, who wrote the majority of the draft roundtables? Me. Good job Legacy Crew)

-Ok, fine. I, Dane, was responsible for the 'zazz.

It's Dead Week. Done with the pats on the back for me. Back to work.