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Jackets Fall to Penn State

In the land of the 2-point shot, the 3 point shooter shall rule the world.

That is what happened to us last night. Penn State actually seemed to have an off night from behind the arc in the fact that the only shot 42% from that distance. The problem is that we can't shoot 3's. We have big guys who can dominate the inside both offensively and defensively but when you shoot 3 of 16 (18%) for 3's. You aren't going to win the game.

Negatives from last night:

3-point shooting: Gross, just gross and disgusting.

Perimeter Defense: We seemed to be collapsing to the interior all game which left the perimeter wide open for the Nittany Lions to take all their shots.

Mo Miller: 26 minutes, 8 points, 2 Field Goals

Gani Lawal and Iman Shumpert. There is a reason they were McDonald's All-Americans back in high school. Schumper has the the moves needed to allude the defense, passes coming from nowhere and not afraid to take a shot when the game was on the line. He impressed me quite a bit. I wish I could go back and see how many of Iman's 12 assists were to Gani who simply domintated. He put up 34 points and 10 rebounds in 38 minutes of play. You know the best thing about Gani last nigh? 4-5 from the Free Throw line!

Thought Process:
We currently have no depth. Who will step up? We must defend the 3-ball. That is how Mercer took it to us.

Next Game: This Saturday vs. Vanderbilt at 2:00 PM

What were your thoughts on last nights game? Post in the comments.