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Iman ACC rookie of the week

Iman Shumpert was named ACC rookie of the week. Tech is 6-1 to start the season for the first time since 2006-2007 where another star freshman, Javaris Crittenton, led Tech to a 6-1 record. Let's compare the stats of these two freshmen point guards in their first seven games:

Critty = shooting 29-61 (47.5%), 3pt 5-11 (45.5%), a:to is 1.41, 96 total points
Iman = shooting 23-58 (39.7%), 3pt 6-20 (30.0%), a:to is 1.94, 76 total points

Looks like Crittenton was asked to go to the hole more while Iman has been leading us at point a lot more, which is definitely noticeable. The long ball is really pulling down Iman's shooting percentage. I like Iman's future at Tech and with Mo Miller in the backcourt, we will finally have depth at PG. Any thoughts on our season thus far?

FYI - Next game is UI-Chicago.