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Dilated pupils and Tim Tebow

I went to the eye doctor today for the first time in, well, for the first time I can remember. My eyes are perfectly fine, I have what the doctor described as "near-bionic" vision (she said that wasn't surprising, given that I was otherwise an impeccable physical specimen), which is really just another entry in the long list of reasons of why my genes should be passed on. However, It also means that I have had to read everything in old-people view on Firefox while covering my left eye, which has basically given up focusing for now.

Now that I am done with school for a few weeks, I am allowing myself to dumb down a little bit, and have done so by reading some threads at the DawgPost. If you would like to read some of the most hilariously ridiculous, envious, and patently false claims about the Great Tebow, here you go. Props to RobinsDemons14, a die-hard UGA fan (I actually know him from high school) for correctly diagnosing the problems of the average Tebow hater.

Apparently I am an old salty bastard. Thanks for the shoutout from the GT Sports Blog.