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CPJ and GT reach contract extension agreement

Yesterday afternoon, Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech came to a contract extension agreement. Details won't be announced until the end of this week unfortunately. When Johnson first signed on at the flats, his contract was 7 years, $1.6 million per year. That put him right in the middle of the ACC for coaching salaries.

Ladies and gentleman, we sure as hell are not in the middle of the ACC. Currently, Bobby Bowden, Frank Beamer, Butch Davis, Al "Chan Gailey pt. 2" Groh, and Ralph Friedgen all make more than CPJ. I expect the extension to be right around the Butch Davis $2.1 million a year salary.

So, while we wait on the official announcement and numbers, let's revel in some of the images of our beloved coach from this past year:

The Beginning.

Always givin' the Refs a hard time.


What are your thoughts on a contract extension? Is 1 year to soon? Does CPJ deserve it?