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Conspiracy Theory: Auburn Edition

If you are a fan of conspiracy theories you’ll enjoy reading the below conversation I had with a co-worker of mine. Rumors are swirling around Auburn like a mother and this is just one of the bunch. This is all in regards to Tommy Tuberville’s "resignation" and his buyout. Draw your own conclusions.

Jeff: I did see an interesting conspiracy theory, that if true makes sense.

Me: oh?

Jeff: yeah, so this story involes the yella wood guy,
you know who that is right?

Me: yep

Jeff: so the story goes, he's watching the iron bowl and gets seriously PO'd. Since he films all these commercials he has most of the big time coaches’ personal phone numbers and so he decides to call Houston Nutt directly and ask what it would take to get him at Auburn. Nutt says thanks, but I can't do that to Ole Miss right now.

Jeff: Now Nutt and Tubbs are both Jimy Sexton clients and the rumor is that after Jet Gate, Sexton negotiated a clause in Tubbs contract. That clause is that Auburn, or anyone acting on their behalf, staff or booster can not approach another coach. Otherwise it's a breach of contract and Tubb's gets his complete buy out

Me: Wooooow!

Jeff: Nutt mentions in passing that Yella Wood gave him a ring to Sexton... Sexton tells Tubbs they've breached the contract. Tubbs walks in the next day and asks for his money. They negotiate, agree to pay but he [Tuberville] steps down. To avoid Sexton going public with the mess they agree to hire another one of his clients... you guessed it Chizik.

Jeff: No idea if it’s true, but it makes for a good story

Damn right it is. Auburn is a mess.

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