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ACC-Big 10 Challenge Tonight for us

Work is busy so I can't put too much in here today but here goes:

Penn State comes to Atlanta tonight as we partake in the annual ACC/Big-10 Challenge. The Big-10 is putting up quite the fight right now as the Challenge is tied at 3 wins a piece.

Wins: Duke, Clemson, Boston College
Losses: Miami (got outscored by Ohio State by 11 points!), Virginia, Virginia Tech

Todays Games include:
Georgia Tech vs. Penn State (7:30 PM, ESPN2)
North Carolina @ Michigan State
Maryland vs. Michigan
Wake Forest vs. Indiana
Florida State @ Northwestern

The game that makes me most nervous is our game. After watching us against Mercer and Jacksonville State, we might have some cause to worry against Penn State.

What are your thoughts? What do we need to do to wipe the floor with Penn State?

Look for thoughts on the game in the morning.