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45-42 Commemorative Ring?

Georgia Tech has figured out another way to remember its win over Georgia.

As part of its bowl bounty, Tech is giving each player a ring. Coach Paul Johnson left the design of ring to the team’s seniors. He said the seniors decided to include the score of the Georgia game, 45-42, in the ring’s design. The win snapped a seven-game losing streak to the Bulldogs...

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Throughout the year, we realized more and more that we were experiencing something special. As the Georgia game quickly approached, everyone on the Yellow Jacket side became extremely confident. The victory over Georgia meant many things...respect, pride, and Bobby Dodd's winning streak was kept intact. However, this victory does not deserve a commemorative ring. Getting caught up in this excitement puts us just barely above Georgia retiring Theron Sapp's jersey for ending "The Drought". After the game, Paul Johnson said it best when someone asked him why he didn't take any of the "hallowed" hedge. He said (and I paraphrase) "I'll act like I've been there before."

It's a much bigger smack in the mouth to your rival when you come in and you act like you expected the victory instead of acting like it won't happen again.