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2008 Heisman Blog Trophy Nominations

The Blue Workhorse is compiling votes from around the blogworld for this years Heisman Blog Trophy. Look below for our selections.

We rewarded players who showed more than just gaudy statistics. We looked to see players put teams on their backs and carry them through the struggles of an entire college football season. So here are our votes for the 2008 Heisman Blog Trophy.

1. Tim Tebow

Anyone who does not vote for Tebow has never seen Florida play. Look at his stats:

  • 28 Touchdowns
  • 2,515 yards
  • 65% completion percentage
  • 177 QB rating
now watch this video:

MVP. Heisman Winner. 'Nuff said

Still not convinced? Watch this video and it's icing on the cake

2. Graham Harrell

The fact that he is not a finalist for the real award is a crime within itself. Graham Harrell is the little guy who took an overall inferior team and brought them into the national spotlight. Now granted, if it was not for the abilities of one Michael Crabtree, Sam Bradford would be in this position.

3. Javon Ringer

Keeping with the MVP route, The Legacyx4 recognizes Javon Ringer. This man had the most carries out of any RB in the NCAA (370) . Ringer literally carried Michigan State to the Capital One Bowl.

Have a disagreement? Think someone else deserved one of these spots? Post your comments below!