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What went wrong this weekend? Absolutely nothing!

Bobby Bowden had never lost to Georgia Tech in his 30+ year reign at Florida State. Paul Johnson beat the Seminoles in his first opportunity. Georgia, once again, proved that they can’t win the big game. We were that team who finally had something go our way in the last minute (Thank God!). Who is a happy Georgia Tech fan? We are!
Now, the people who have been criticizing Josh Nesbitt and have been calling for Jaybo to play more....shut up. He is a competent system backup quarterback right now. He's too small. We all saw what FSU did to him when he came into the game. 8 yards of offense. (shudder)

Mad Props to Cooper Taylor and Morgan Burnett. Burnett played his typical ridiculous self all over the field, while Cooper turned it on when we needed him.

Speaking of the final play, here is a diagram of it from The Legacy reader Birdman.
Notice how the O-Line is set up and where the ball actually lands (the "I" in "Georgia"). This had all the makings of a dogpile run but somehow he ran right through everyone.

Sometimes the ball just falls, or pops, your way. And I love it when it happens to us!

Click here for the call by Wes Durham.

This week we have North Carolina. We control our destiny in the fact that we must win out to have a shot at the Coastal Division title. The top of the division is a big heaping mess and we don’t win any tiebreakers against Virginia and Virginia Tech. The ‘Heels can play ball. It’s time for us to go back on the road and take care of business.