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Weekend Recap: A Weekend of Awesomeness

The weekend for us started on Thursday. And what a glorious beginning it was. Georgia Tech was the spotlight. Our astronauts were recognized, the 1998 ACC Championship Team was brought out, and various other smaller sport champions were all announced. On the sidelines, Jason Varitek and Mark Texeira made appearances along with T.I. The setting was perfect to show all the recruits (most of the season). It was a great day to be a Tech fan and boy did we impress!

Friday was a travel day. After a horribly unproductive day at work, Dane and I drove to Macon in prepartion of Georgia Tech vs. Mercer for an in-state basketball showdown. Met up with some friends along with Bird and partied in Mac-town. Editor’s Note: Totally different atmosphere at a Mercer party than a Tech party. Girls actually come, and people genuinely have fun together. Imagine that!

What a day Saturday was! The basketball game was sloppy. At times I wondered if we were watching the football team because of our ball handling. But it all ended alright as the Jackets overcame an 17 point defecit to win it in overtime. Yeah, we rained on Mercer’s homecoming parade....barely.

75% of what needed to happen for us to finally take the Coastal has happened. If it was not for the complete incompetency of Duke, we’d have had it. NC State throttled the Tar Heels and Dabo Swinney continued to strengthen his case to take "interim" off his title in a big win over Virginia. This week, we are Virginia Fans. They MUST BEAT VIRGINIA TECH. The game is at noon, so the internet will be on constant refresh. Go Wahoos!

After basketball was Volleyball Senior Night. It ended in fine form with our beloved Jackets sweeping Maryland 3 games to 0. Our good friend Steph Robbins finished off the ‘Terps with a nice little tip over the net to seal the sweep.

Finally, to end the Weekend of Awesomeness, RRC Throwdown was Saturday night. It ended with me waking up and wearing a pair of boxers upside down like a t-shirt. Let your imagination run free with that one.