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Weekend in Review

Ah bye weeks. A Saturday in which you get to sleep in, roll out of bed, crack open a beer and turn on football. And then not move more than 20 feet from the couch until midnight after College Gameday Final. Isn't it great? The ACC's "Season of Chaos" picked back up on Thursday and continued into the weekend. But let's review what happened:The Miami Hurricanes thrust themselves on to the top of the ACC Coastal Divsion with a stellar win over Virginia Tech and a UNC meltdown against Maryland...another typical day in the ACC. Virginia Tech just feels numb. Good 'Ole Gobbler Country, instead of bemoaning the loss to Miami and all things wrong with Hokie Nation, the man gets drunk. Drink it in Gobbler, whiskey turns all things numb to the world.

The game of the week was clearly North Carolina's choke job against Maryland. I mean, hey if you have any piece of the ACC Coastal lead, you're going to choke. Mike over at Tar Heel Mania, however, seemed to have kept his composure. Yeah dude, we just gotta accept the fact that it just wasn't to be. (shakes head)

Current ACC Standings:

From Old Virginia comes up with 16 scenarios that he believes could decide the division. Althought he forgets to talk about us. Yep, we're not out of it yet. We must beat Miami! Here's our scenario, where we only hold 25% of it in our own hands:

  • 1) GT beats Miami
  • 2a) UNC loses to NCSU 2b) UNC loses to Duke
  • 3a) UVA loses to Clemson, beats VT 3b) VT loses to Duke, beats UVA

Here's the AJC's Beat Blog on "Coastal Craziness".

The Atlantic Division is just about as much of a mess as the Coastal especially with Boston College beating Florida State during its "Blackout".

It's not boring mediocre football I tell you! ACC Parityyyyyy!


The volleyball team got swept by the state of Florida this past weekend, losing in a heartbreaking 5 to Miami on Friday and getting beat by FSU 3-1. The Legacy Crew is still proud of the Volleybees and plans on representing at SENIOR NIGHT THIS SATURDAY AT 7:30. ALL TECH FANS MUST BEE THERE! The biggest factor for the team seemed as if they just could not seem to close when they needed too.


On Friday, basketball got officially under way with Gani Lawal leading the Jackets with 18 points and 12 rebounds. The Jackets routed Winston-Salem State 92-47. Lots of big men, kind of sloppy with our ball-handling (basketball players must hang out with football players). Our depth runs out quickly it seems, but as usual, we are forever the optimists, we expect improvement.
Next Game: @ Mercer 1pm this Saturday! SOLD OUT

The women's basketball team began their trek for the 4th straight NCAA Tournament appearance by beating Troy 73-49 on Friday as well. On Sunday, they traveled to #1 UCONN and lost 82-71. In the top-heavy world of Women's Basketball, we aren't quite there yet.