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Tech takes care of business

GT Hoops took down Arkansas-Pine Bluff today with relative ease despite missing Mo Miller. I figured Mo had a concussion after he ran head first into the Mercer center on Saturday. He was down for too long and usually when a dude is sent to the back like that with no "physical ailments", it's safe to assume he's probably concussed.

I know a lot of people may be pissed at CPH for playing Mo later at Mercer (like he did with Causey last year) but with mild concussions a lot of dudes don't even realize it and basic tests won't detect them. From what I understand it takes a battery of tests to determine the severity of a concussion. And I totally believe the trainers wouldn't send Mo back on the court if they felt he was unfit to play.

Concerning the game, Gani and Alade had big games and should be our staple point scorers for the rest of the season. I am very confident in Iman as well.

Looking ahead we've got five more home games before heading to Cali for a pair of road games:

1. The first is against former Tech Assistant Cliff Warren's Jacksonville Dolphins. A lot of GT fans attribute the great guard play we had in '03-'05 to this guy. Let's pay him back by beating his team mercilessly.

2. And the annual ACC-Big 10 beatdown brings Penn State to ATL next. Tech is 4-5 all time in the Challenge while Penn State is a mighty 2-5.

3. Vandy is the first of three SEC teams on our schedule. After UK's home opener loss and Florida's loss to the 'Cuse Orangemen, I think we may see a BIG time down year for the SEC. So let's lay the wood on Vandy.

4. UI-Chicago returns to ATL after beating up on the '05 Zam Experience. We scheduled this series originally so Will Bynum could play in front of his family in '04.

5. Georgia State. These scrappy little bastards tried to Mercer us last year. At home, we better beat these guys down. It's 8 days before Christmas so we won't have many students in attendance. However, I don't see many GSU hipsters coming to the game.