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Not gonna let 'em catch the MARTA rider...

Looking ahead this week past football to our cagers, we see an unusual road trip to instate Mercer University. The Mercer Bears are a firey little squad in the heartland of the state set right at the birthplace of the Allman Brothers - Macon, GA. The Bears are 16-25 all-time against Tech and have a 7-9 record in Macon against the Jackets. The two teams have not met since 1999.

Mercer is headlined by James Florence, the 6'1" giant killer that led the Bears in minutes, shots, and points per game last season. Florence scored 30 in Mercer's upset of USC last year and 23 in the win against Alabama this year. He will be the primary focus of CPH's defense. If we can shut him down, the game will be cake.

Did I mention my little brother goes to Mercer and we need to beat them to display my superiority over him?

Prediction: Mercer plays tough but loses in the 2nd half. Tech played at GSU close in '07 but this year's Tech team is stronger and has more continuity (a phrase I will repeat many more times). Tech 90 - Mercer 65.