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Monday NO CLASS Update 11/03/08

My class was cancelled today, so my weekend of near ecstasy was extended by a day.

Here we go...

OMGTTUWTFBBQ. Texas Tech = absolutely ridiculous. I don't know what else to say. They dominated the #1 team in the first half. Their offensive line, especially their center, were absolutely, well, dominant. Dominant.

The second half showed why Texas didn't deserve to leave the Top 5, but the Red Raiders were able to hold on and HOLY CRAP GRAHAM TO CRABTREE AAAAAAAAH! The Miles-like call of going for it when a tackle ends the game caused me to jump out of my chair and run around the tailgate like I was TTU's mascot. The fact that it happened a play after a near-interception made it all the sweeter. I really don't give a damn about either of these two teams (except I admire UT's all white uniforms, grrr), but my dearth of Big 12 football was remedied this past Saturday night. I only wish that could have been the championship game, and if UF wouldn't have bounced back like they did in the past three games, it very well may have been. Which brings me to my next point.

F*** YOU GEORGIA. THANK YOU FLORIDA. Georgia fans, let me try to explain to you something you may only be beginning to understand - that stunt your team pulled last year gives UF the right to run up the score for as long as either Richt or Meyer are coaching. Don't be surprised if it happens again next year - Meyer seems like a big enough asshole to do so. I hope you nadlicking, mouth-breathing, own poop eating mutts enjoyed watching Stafford, Moreno & Co. get cornholed aaaallll day long on Saturday. I hate you bastards, and I cannot wait for CPJ's legacy against you to begin.

We beat the FSU Seminoles, and I was there to see it. It was a rollercoaster of a game, and I really cannot come up with the words to describe it. I was listening to one of our greatest fans speaking to some of our star players later that night, and he said, "You guys did something that everyone has been waiting a loooooong time to see. That was really something special. Congratulations."

Only something so lacking in any kind of verbal frivolity can even begin to describe how Yellow Jackets everywhere feel. When Paul Johnson was hired, I began to hope it was the beginning of a new Golden Era at Georgia Tech. I'm beginning to think I was right. Go Jackets, To Hell with georgia!