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Monday After-test-that-no-one finished update 11/24/08

This will be quick, I'm working on other things.

Dane doesn't know shit about football. Well, that's not true, but I thought we would score against UNC, and thought we would have trouble against Miami. I'm glad I was wrong. I'll try to recap everything I was wrong about this season (I have a big bowl of Virginia poo to eat) sometime next week.

We beat Mercer in basketball in the ugliest game I've ever seen.
I was there, it was kind of weird going to that game, seeing as I seriously considered going to that school (that is, until they didn't offer me a scholarship even though I probably deserved a full ride or at least a good portion, but whatever). I'm glad I didn't because having a basketball game for homecoming would suck ass.

Screw you, Hokies. Last week was almost the perfect week for Tech sports, and you could have made it happen (actually, Tyrod tried pretty hard to make it happen), but no you screwed us. JUST GET ON BOARD AND GIVE US THE ACC TITLE GAME. DRINK THE KOOL-AID AND LOVE PAUL JOHNSON. I don't want to root for UVa, but I will if I have to, damnit.

We play those animals from the Clark County Community College on Saturday, and I plan on tearing down their stadium with my bare hands after we take our victory, then set Athens ablaze, leaving only cinders in the wake of their defeat. Even the tears from every eye of the doggie nation would not be able to put out a fire fueled by such hate.

We're ranked, and that's bad. Hopefully we don't do what we do every other time we get ranked.

GET YOUR HATE ON. To Hell with georgia, piss on the mutts!