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Miami Irrational Game Preview

We attempted valiantly to find a Miami Guest Blogger but got no responses. They are either assholes or they are scared stiff of our penetrating questions.

Irrational Game Preview!

What: Miami at Georgia Tech: WHITE OUT!
Thursday 7:30PM
Will The Legacy Crew be there? Hellz yes!
Will The Legacy Crew be wearing white? You know it!

This Thursday we battle for our ACC lives (along with Virginia Tech’s and Virginia’s) for our faint breath of life for the ACC Championship Game. It will be cold. It had better be white. SUCK IT UP!

Miami Wins If: Patrick Nix learns how to run an offense. If Miami’s D-Line can get through our seemingly "Swiss Cheese" O-Line and get to Jaybo (Yes, I said Jaybo!)

Georgia Tech Wins If: We hold on to the ball. (duh) UNC was the epitome of our season. We rank 117th out of 118 when it comes to fumbles. That’s embarrassing. Tech wins if our defense remembers its former self (Lights out!). Jahi and Vance are back. The secondary praises God for Jahi’s return. The time has come for Jaybo to grow up on national television!

Sidenotes: Miami is 15-1 on Thursday Nights (or is it 13?) Either way, it’s good. Tech has beaten the ‘Canes 3 years in a row.

Irrational Scoring Prediction: The off-week helps the Jackets immensely and the cold hurts Miami’s combo of quarterbacks as we option it down their throats

Georgia Tech 17 Miami 10